Welcome to Lakevue Elementary

The mission of Lakevue Elementary School is to work cooperatively with parents, students, and community members to help students become productive and responsible citizens. We will provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning.
Excellence in education is cultivated through a partnership among students, parents, educators and community members emphasizing diligence and persistence.
Welcome to our Lakevue Elementary School! 
You and your child are very important to our school. You can expect a year filled with achievement and success. Let’s all make a commitment to do whatever is necessary to assure those results.
Parents are the first teachers of children. Your expertise and experiences are very helpful to us. Communicating with teachers and staff members helps create an important partnership. It is this partnership that produces the best results.
When your child knows the value you place on school, a powerful message is received. Help us by being involved. The interest you show, the time you commit, and the support you demonstrate all produce valuable returns. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best educational opportunities possible for every child.
Our Parent Teacher Organization would like to invite you to come and join us in celebrating excellence at Lakevue Elementary. The PTO provides a positive support for students, teachers and staff.
Lakevue Elementary has dedicated and excited teachers who will excite and challenge the minds of your students. We are excited for another great year.
Leeta Hobbs
Principal, Lakevue Elementary School
Lakevue's Belief Statements
We Believe That...
·         Students are the center of the educational process.
·         Learning is a lifelong process.
·         Quality educators make a difference in student's lives.
·         Children need a safe, secure environment where they feel loved, feel that they belong and can take risks.
·         All students are able to learn when given sufficient time and appropriate support.
·         The school and community will teach the values of cooperation, compassion, tolerance and the work ethic.
·         Each student will be valued as an individual with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.
·         By using and applying technology in our instruction, student engagement and performance will be
·         Self-esteem and success are interrelated. Therefore, we will provide opportunities for students to develop a
           love of learning, to learn how to set and attain goals which will lead to increased self-esteem and success.
·         The consistent application of research-based teaching and curriculum maximizes student achievement.
·         Teachers, staff, administrators, students, parents and community members share equal responsibility for
           advancing the school's mission and must each hold high expectations for student achievement.